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Hi, I am Teddy Sterne a Software Engineer living in Indianapolis Indiana. I am currently working as a consultant for Allegient.

I am a full stack developer and have a wide range of experiences gained during both my professional and educational work. Over the past year I have done a lot of development using Angular, ASP.NET, and .NetCore. I have also been playing around with builiding applications using Node.js and Xamarin.Android in my spare time. While this is just a taste of what I have been using recently I also am experienced using the following other languages and libraries: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, C#, Java, SQL, MongoDB, jQuery, Bootstrap, Python, Meteor, and C .

I have a work hard play hard outlook on life and spend my time working on side projects, solving puzzles, spending time with my beautiful wife, and visiting amusement parks whenever the chance presents itself.


Allegient (2015 - Present)

Allegient is a consulting firm made up of a team of elite business and IT consultants that represent some of the top minds in the industry. Allegient focuses on solving its clients’ business problems via expertly designed technology solutions to help those businesses do their best work through the power of technology.

My first engagement took me to Seven Corners, Inc, a travel insurance and specialty benefit management company based in Carmel, IN. There I worked on an ASP.NET application for selling policies and collecting payment information. As part of my work at Seven Corners I enhanced the rating algorithms to allow agents the ability to prorate a policy.

My next egagment was for Nautilus Insurance, a company that specializes in excess insurance. This was a year long project developing an Angular application for writing insurance policies for three different lines of business. The backend was written using ASP.NET and .NetCore. As one of Allegient's formost experts on Angular (version 2+) I was responsible for architecting a majority of the frontend components. In addtion to the client side code I also created a validation engine that can validate information on the policy using rules that are expressed as data.

Rose-Hulman Ventures (2012 - 2015)

Rose-Hulman Ventures is a contract company that employs Rose-Hulman students to create solutions to the real world problems that clients need us to solve. Students must apply for the position just like they would at any other internship. During my time at Rose-Hulman Ventures I worked on two unique projects.

The first project was for Edgile, Inc, a company based out of San Jose, CA. Working on a team of two other developers and a senior developer we created a Silverlight website called iGRC that helps companies track their Governance, Risk, and Compliance with different laws. I worked with a library from ComponentArt that allowed us to create graphs, trends, and gauges to visually represent a company's current status. I also worked with LINQ to aggregate large amounts of data into different tables.

My second project was for Jeffrey Kline M.D. Vice Chair of Research at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Kline had developed an algorithm for predicating the percent chance of a patient developing a clot within the next 30 days. We were ask to create a C# application that would receive data being streamed by a serial port device and build a UI that would allow a nurse to run the test on the patient and have it produce the result for them.

Progressive Insurance (Summer 2013)

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company is a Fortune 500 company that is headquartered in Mayfield Village, OH. I interned at Progressive between my sophomore and junior year on their actuarial analysis and reporting system team know as ProSTAR. During my time at Progressive I worked on several mini-projects for the team and coordinated my work using Team Foundation Server.

I was tasked with designing two SSRS Reports that were to be used by the client to view worker's comp information and surcharge information for people who live in Minnesota. I wrote several SQL queries to pull in the appropriate data and then displayed the data using a grid view.

My next project was to create an SSIS Package that would be able to recreate a table in the database based on business logic. There existed two tables in the database: one for showing the creation of a particular claim and then a second that showed each of the transactions that had occurred in response to that claim. My job was to rebuild a third table that tracked the history of each subclaim. I was very pleased with how this project turned out and after it was completed I was informed that Progressive had previously hired two contractors to complete the work and both of them had been unsuccessful.

The last project that I worked on during my internship was a SharePoint dashboard that tracked different metrics and statistics about the ProSTAR project. I used SSRS and PerformancePoint to show graphs and charts about how the project was performing and how often the system was being used.



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